Welcome to Heaven’s Door.

It isn’t enough to just disseminate a message. It has to be refined and targeted for the audience in question. For that to be possible, you have to know what the current priorities and concerns of that audience are, and what answers they’re awaiting. That’s where Heaven’s Door comes in: our goal is to assist religious organizations in successfully using the Internet to develop inroads into their local communities, as well as communities around the world.

Heaven’s Door develops technology-based applications and products that vastly improve the ability of people and religious organizations to network. Our mobile apps help individuals to make their voices and prayers heard, while our enterprise-level products give churches and organizations the access to the data necessary to develop an informed understanding of their communities, and better reach out to them.

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Church Branding

Branding, marketing, and research are essential to finding and bringing people into your congregation, and to Christ. We want to help your church or organization achieve this connection by assisting you in identifying the needs of your community, and by developing effective public awareness campaigns.

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Software Innovation

Our software is designed to bridge the gaps between your church and the community within which you exist, while leveraging the strengths of your organization and those within it. Our experience in the information technology field allows us to address all the technical challenges of accomplishing this, while never losing sight of the fact that Christ is the focus and purpose of our operations.

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Spiritual Focus

Our goal is to assist your church in guiding and focusing your actions as you reach out to bring others to Christ. In order for you to effectively reach out to others, you have to understand what it is that those around you need from Christ. Only then can you shine Christ’s light on their lives, and help guide them out of the dark.

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Giving Back

While our goal is to help churches and organizations build up their congregations and communities, that isn’t the end of our involvement. It isn’t enough for us to just act as facilitators. This is why a portion of the revenue generated by our products will be invested in those churches, as well as organizations that help the homeless, the sick, and those in need.

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