Faith in Christ inherently requires action, which is the most basic fulfillment of what it is to be Christian.

  • A church is only a shell made of wood, brick, and metal: it is the people within a church, and the sum of their actions, which truly embody Christ and his mission.
  • Faith in Christ requires four pillars to support it and keep it strong: (1) a constant devotion to Christ, (2) ongoing study of the Bible and Christ’s words, (3) action that brings the members of a church outside of its walls, and (4) prayer.
  • Our products are designed to strengthen all of these aspects of Christian faith, especially prayer and action.
  • The goal of Heaven’s Door is to help you guide and focus your actions so that you can most effectively bring people into your church, and to Christ.

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A “church” is a building, a thing, a noun. It is the congregation within it that fulfills and embodies the will of Christ.

The word “church” is derived from the Greek word kuriakos,“belonging to the lord,” which was used to describe buildings used for worship.

But kuriakos is not the word used throughout the New Testament by Christ and his disciples (especially Paul) to describe the joining together of the faithful. In the Greek of the early New Testament, early Christians never speak of a church building. In Matthew 16:18, Christ says to Peter, “…On this rock I will build my ekklesia, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” An ekklesia is an assembly of people. It literally means, “those who are called out.” We don’t have a word in English that exactly matches this—the closest fit is “congregation,” from the Latin congregare, “to herd together into a flock.”

The expression of faith that Christ himself says is so strong that it can withstand Hell itself is the act of being called together, to join as one. And this is what Heaven’s Door seeks to embody in its mission—to assist Christians in the act of fulfilling their faith in Christ by finding and bringing other people into that faith.

We believe that for faith to sustain and support a person, there are four fundamental pillars that faith in Christ requires.

  1. A constant devotion to Christ – Maintaining a constant awareness of the fact that through our faith, it is no longer we who live, but it is Christ who lives in us. The lives we live in the flesh we live by faith in Christ, who loved us and gave himself up for us (Galatians 2:20).
  2. To study and grow one’s understanding of Christ – Without laboring to gain a deeper knowledge of Christ, and thus deepening your relationship with Christ, you have nothing to share that helps others further their understanding and devotion to Christ. A community centered in Jesus Christ requires the continued effort of understanding the Holy Spirit, and sharing that understanding with others.
  3. Action – Christ cannot live within us if we do not allow him to act through us in order to reach out to others.
  4. Prayer – Staying in constant communication with Christ, not just on our own behalf but for the benefit of our community, is the action that guide and bring together all other aspects of faith. The quiet contemplation of prayer allows us to sense the presence of Christ in us, and to renew that devotion to him. Prayer brings together what we learn in our ongoing study of Christ into a cohesive whole. And the conversations that we have with Christ through prayer are how he communicates his will to us, so that he can act through us as a force for the Holy Spirit.

If faith lacks any one of these fundamental tenets, then it cannot support us any more than a chair can if a leg is removed. Without devotion to Christ, nothing we do is informed by his will. Without study, we cannot understand his intent. Without action, our faith is purposeless, because “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him?” (James 2:14) Can it save anyone, for that matter? And without prayer, as we said, there is nothing to hold the other three together in a cohesive, meaningful faith that produces works guided by Christ’s will, and the understanding of that will.

The goal of Heaven’s Door and our products is to help guide and focus your actions as you reach out to bring others to Christ. In order for the seeds of faith you distribute to grow, you have to know where to plant them.

Your life and your faith are advanced by serving Christ, and spreading the message of his love for us, the redemption that can be found only through that love. When you can hear the prayers of others, and know what it is that those around you need from Christ, then you can reach out and allow Christ to answer their prayers through you. Just as you have to work to understand Jesus and his will in order for your faith in him to have meaning, you have to understand those around you and their needs so that your love for them has meaning and creates change for the better.

You are the lantern through which Jesus shines as a light for others, a lighthouse that guides ships in the dark. But if that lighthouse isn’t build where it’s needed, then that light does no good, and those in need of guidance will be left in the dark. But with a deeper understanding of the hazardous geography that those around you are traversing, you can build the lighthouse of your faith and works where it is most needed. And those you guide in turn will build their own lighthouses, until there is nowhere left for the darkness.

The mission of Heaven’s Door is help you:

Be faithful to God’s will for you.

Plan and direct your actions to best serve Him.

To respect, love, and care for all those who are beloved by Christ.

To find the reward and satisfaction that gives you the strength to continue on in your mission for Christ.