Heaven’s Door and its products were born out of the realization that many churches and religious organizations need help in building their congregations and communities. But it isn’t enough for us at Heaven’s Door to just be facilitators. If we aren’t doing everything we can to help bring people to Christ, then we are falling short. That is why a portion of the revenue generated by our products and applications will be donated to organizations that need financial help.

Some of the types of organizations that we want to directly contribute to and support include:

  • Homeless shelters and charities
  • Small churches and religious organizations
  • Anti-addiction programs
  • Organizations and programs devoted to improving physical and mental health

Read on to learn more about the missions of the organizations that Heaven’s Door wants to support with financial and logistical assistance.

helping-the-homeless-heavens-doorHelping the Homeless

Some of the most chronically underfunded social programs are those that provide food, shelter, and other support to people and families who are homeless. But it is these very programs, and the people who work and volunteer in order to keep them going, who have the best chance of helping those in need, and keeping their faith alive in the midst of crisis. We will work with programs that assist the homeless to help them fulfill their missions, by providing them with the financial and organizational support that they need.

being-emotionally-connected-to-your-audienceGrowing Churches, Congregations, and Communities

Our mission is to help bring people to Christ by providing support to the many Christian communities throughout the world that seek out those who are most in need of Christ’s message. We recognize that while our products can be instrumental in helping these communities fulfill their missions, many communities need more help. Church congregations in the United States have a median size of about 75 members. We want to help these many small churches to build up their congregations and to be successful. That is why we will use some of the proceeds from our software to help fund awareness campaigns. We will work with these small congregations to develop new ways to build their communities, by developing plans that incorporate the same tools that successful companies use today, including: benchmarking of current operations, development of marketing strategies, web design and SEO, social media campaigns, public outreach campaigns, and more.

helping-anti-addiction-programs-heavens-doorAssisting Anti-Addiction Programs

In the process of helping community members, many churches find themselves having to research and refer those in need to local addiction programs. People in our local communities struggle with a variety of addictions: drugs and alcohol, smoking, gambling, eating disorders, pornography and sex, and more. Just as we need many churches to keep our communities spiritually healthy, we need all of these addiction programs to help our friends and loved ones survive their struggles with these everyday difficulties that they face.

That’s why Heaven’s Door intends to provide support in a variety of forms to deserving addiction treatment organizations. We are well aware that our applications will lead many church and community leaders to discover that there are many in their midst who need help with addictions, and will as a result refer increasing numbers of people to these already underfunded programs. Just as we must support the churches who rely on our products, we must also support the programs and organizations that those churches will reach out to for assistance.

helping-health-and-hospice-programsHealth Programs and Drug Trials

It should be clear by now that we don’t just want to help churches and individuals discover one another. We want to draw together all of the many resources that Christ-centered communities need for their continued well-being. Illness and failing health are just unavoidable parts of the realities that we all face as fragile, finite human beings. But the length and quality of these brief lives can be greatly enhanced by access to drug research trials, counseling services, hospice care, and more.

We intend for our products to help communities discover and share these vital, often-overlooked resources. In addition, we want to provide practical and financial support to the increasing number of health organizations that will be drawn into the ever-enlarging web weaved together by our customers and users.